Metal Alloys

Popular Metal Alloys for Photo-Chemical Etching

Aluminum Brass Chromium Copper, Oxygen Free
Copper, Rolled Copper, Electrolytic Beryllium Copper OFHC Copper
Inconel® 600, X750 and 800H Monel® Nickel Nickel Silver
Nichrome® Ni Span C Permanickel® Phosphor Bronze
Carbon Steel Electrical Steel Stainless Steel, 300 & 400 Series PH15-7 Stainless Steel
PH17-7 Stainless Steel Custom 455® Spring Steel 90-10 Copper Nickel
Kovar® Rodar® Nicoseal® Therlo®
Sealmet 29-17® Glass Sealing 42® 142 Alloy® Glass Sealing 46®
146 Alloy® Glass Sealing 49® Alloy 4750® Glass Sealing 52®
152 Alloy® Glass Sealing 42-6® Sylvania No. 4® 44-50 Nickel Iron
High Permeability 49® Hipernik® High Permeability 45® Hymu 80®
4-79 Permalloy® Hymu800® Hipernon® Supermalloy®
5-79 Permalloy Invar 36® TC-30® Molybdenum
Conetic AA® Metal on Polyamide Metal on Kapton® Metal on Rubber
Metal on Ceramic Titanium

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us for additional inquiries

Many Brazing Alloys Can be Etched. Click Here for a partial list.


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