Precision Photochemical Manufacturing Since 1965

Contract Photo Etching Services

Conard Offers OEMs Flexibility and Economy

Captive photoetching facilities were more common when major manufacturers were more vertically integrated. In those days, the arguments for owned processes, especially for metal fabrication, included beliefs that the quality would be better, the costs lower, and the turn around faster.  But, this line of thinking failed to consider the on-going structural costs of having such facilities when they were under utilized.

Photochemical Machining Expertise Serves Many Industrial Applications

Today, the model is to distribute manufacturing tasks to specialist firms.  The evolution of the automotive and aircraft industries provides the most notable examples of this now-established practice.  The “top tier” companies spun out many types of manufacturing processes into independent entities that became responsible for the facilities, equipment and resources needed to support the leading manufacturers. They also had to diversify enough to survive through leaner times.

Dedicated Photo Chemical Machining Facilities and Equipment

Photo chemical etching, like other precision metal fabricating processes, requires an extensive suite of specialized facilities and equipment, and a team of trained and experienced operators. Conard has specialized in custom photo-etching since 1965. In addition to metal etching, we also provide turnkey service for additional operations including forming, welding , heat treating and a variety of metal finishing options. OEMs across a wide variety of industries rely on chemically etched precision parts.

Some of the industries served include:
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • RF/Microwave
  • Semiconductors and Microelectronics
  • Medical and Scientific
  • Instruments and Controls
  • Sensors and MEMS
  • Power Generation and Storage
  • Filtration
  • (if you don’t see yours…just ask)
Why OEMs Rely on Conard…and you can, too
  • Reputation for exceptional service and quality
  • AS9100 Rev C/ISO9001 and ITAR registered
  • Industry leading process for etching aluminum
  • Extensive etching capacity
  • Turnkey service for complex parts
  • Customer relationships measured in decades

We would be happy to show you just how economical photo etching can be:

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