Precision Photochemical Manufacturing Since 1965

Power Generation + Storage

Photo Etching for Power Generation and Storage

Fuel cells, microturbines and batteries use chemically etched components in a number of ways:

  • proton exchange membranes
  • fuel plates and flow channels
  • heat exchangers
  • air bearings
  • anode grids

Renewable energy and distributed generation are changing the playing field for electrical power. Solar, wind and hydro power are becoming cost effective compared to commercial generators.  Fuel cells and microturbines put power generation where and when it is needed.  And, just ask Elon Musk, batteries are about to change the energy storage game again.

Photo etching is well suited to producing a wide range of precision metal components used in generation and storage devices.  The ability to create immensely intricate geometries at zero incremental cost offers designers nearly unlimited freedom.

Chemical machining is the process of choice for many avionics applications.