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Brazing Alloys for Photo Etched Preforms

Brazing Alloys for Photo Etched Preforms

Photo etching brazing alloy preforms saves time, cost and reduces scrap. Photo etching avoids many problems associated with stamping, die-cutting, laser, or digital knife plotter-cutting of these expensive alloys.

Popular Brazing Alloys that can be Photo Etched

Many popular alloys are suitable for etching, including:

Aluminum: AMS 4047, 4184, 4185

Nickel: AMS 4776, 4777, 4778, 4779, 4782

AWS: BNi5A, BNi5b, BNi6, BNi9

Copper: AWS BCu-1, BCu-1a, BCu-2, BCu-3, BCu-1b

Silver: AMS 4767, BVAg-0

Other alloys may also work, but would require testing to confirm.

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