Precision Photochemical Manufacturing Since 1965


The Basics of Decorative Etching:

  • Standard sheet size: 18 x 24 inches
  • Common Metals: Stainless Steel, Polished Brass, Copper, Aluminum
  • Standard Thicknesses: .016″, .020″, .025″, .032″ ( Thinner gauges for model kits are available. Please contact us.)
  • Commercial metal photoetching is priced by the sheet. The pricing is based on parts being shipped tabbed in the sheet. We treat the sheet as a single unit. It doesn’t matter at all to us how many parts are on the sheet.
  • Additional services ( at additional costs) include plating, color fill, and break out. Please contact us for more information.
  • Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Scale models and replicas with intricate details
  • Custom ornaments, commemoratives, jewelry and fine giftware
  • Advertising and Branding
  • Vandal-resistant graphics

More Information About:

Etched Scale Models Giftware, Jewelry and Commemoratives Bookmarks Celebrate American Manufacturing Durable Signs and Graphics

Commercial photochemical etching includes a  broad spectrum of applications: jewelry,  ornaments, commemoratives, signage,  advertising specialties, emblems, and insignia. Among the more complex applications for this  genre of photo etching are the creation of  intricate kits of etched metal parts to build  models of villages, railroads, ships and planes.

Photochemical etching is a versatile solution for many types of non-industrial projects.  By using “double process” etching methods, very intricate and detailed surface features can be etched on one or both sides of the sheet and then the “through” features such as the part profile and other effects can be photo etched.

  • The use of half-etched folding lines allows the etched metal parts to be readily formed into a variety of shapes.
  • Many products are photo etched in brass or copper, although stainless steel, aluminum and silver are easily etched as well.
  • Photochemical machining is also used in architectural applications including lighting, signage, inlays, facades, coffers and more.

Conard works with designers of  photo etched decorative and collectible art to help them achieve just the effect they are seeking.  We can help with packaging and fulfillment as well!  If you would like to learn more about Conard’s added services, please contact us at 800-443-5218 or

Chemical machining is the process of choice for many avionics applications.