Precision Photochemical Manufacturing Since 1965

Photo Etched Retainers, Shields and Shims

Precision Metal Parts Produced by Photochemical Etching

Many precision assemblies require thin gauge metal mechanical devices such as retainers, shields and shims to achieve design requirements. Photo chemical etching is an excellent option for producing identical parts in a variety of thicknesses to suit the particular fit requirements of a given application.Although most shims are flat, retainers and shields may be flat or formed. Metal seals and gaskets are also readily produced by photo etching in a variety of alloys, including specialty alloys such as Inconel, Monel and molybdenum.

Other applications for retainers and shields include ball bearings, strain reliefs, connectors and more.

Photo etched parts are flat, burr-free and do not acquire thermal stress or cold working.

Complex Geometries are easily produced with Metal Etching

The chemical machining process enables the creation of precision parts with very complex internal or external shapes.  Since the tooling is produced directly from the CAD file and rendered to film on a laser photoplotter, there is no need for costly stamping dies or intricate cutting programs for laser, plasma, waterjet or EDM.