Precision Photo Chemical Manufacturing Solves Engineering Challenges


Conard Corporation has the industry leading process for etching aluminum, developed by the company’s founder, a metallurgist. Other etching companies have Conard do their aluminum etching.


The photo chemical etching process–also known as photo etching, chemical etching, and photo chemical machining– enables the easy production of delicate or complex part geometries reliably and consistently. A wide variety of alloys can be photo etched including nickel, molybdenum, silver, and Kovar, as well as stainless, carbon and silicon steels and most copper alloys.

How Can We Help?

Conard Corp has specialized in precision photo chemical metal etching since 1965, working with a wide range of metals and assisting hundreds of companies in utilizing photo etching. We provide engineering and design support; rapid turn around of prototypes; and engage in special development projects to help customers solve complex problems.

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