Precision Photochemical Manufacturing Since 1965

Chemical Milling and Part Marking for 3D Parts

Photochemical etching is, essentially a “2D” process. We work with flat panels of thin gauge metals to produce parts from the very simple to very complex.

We receive many inquiries from people who are looking for a chemical etching process that can be used on three-dimensional parts.

Part Marking

Electro-chemical etching is a process that is required on many defense and medical parts. T.U.S. Technologies, Inc., 46 Gifford Street, New Bedford, MA 02744. Telephone: (508) 997 3200; Telefax: (508) 997 8558; E-Mail: Contact Jan Daermann for more information. TUS also provides laser marking and engraving.

For electropolishing, passivating and laser engraving, we recommend Northeast Laser located in Monroe, CT. You can ask for Jim Corrigan.

For industrial finishing and laser marking, we recommend Pauway Corporation in Wallingford CT. Ask for Mark Ryzdy.

Chemical Milling

In other cases, the need is to remove areas of metal or to chemically treat an entire surface prior to another operation. This process is usually called chemical milling. We know of a couple of resources that may be able to help you: