Photo Chemical Machining

About Photo Chemical Etching

What is precision photo chemical machining?

Advantages of Photo Etching Parts

Chemical Machining for Precison Metal Fabrication

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Specs and Tolerances for Photochemical Etching

Specs and Tolerances

Specs and Tolerances for Photochemical Etching

Metal Alloys

Popular Metal Alloys for Photo-Chemical Etching

Aluminum Etching

Light-weight and versatile, aluminum can be a very challenging metal for photoetching. It wants to oxidize rapidly and becomes fuel for the etching process. Conard has dedicated equipment and process metrics for chemical etching aluminum which contributes to the quality and consistency of our precision aluminum products.

Advantages of Etching Aluminum

Over the past several decades, the photochemical etching process has proven to be a versatile and cost effective method of fabricating thin-gauge metal parts in many alloys.