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Photochemical etching is an economical and productive solution for the many varieties of thin gauge metal parts used for the ever-growing applications in wireless communications. From handsets and Bluetooth devices, to WiFi and Wimax, and cellular tower and satellite components, the ability of precision metal etching to create the complex metal geometries often required offers both speed and cost savings compared to alternative fabrication methods.

Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Microelectronics make the world go ‘round. There’s not much left that doesn’t have a semiconductor chip of some sort in it. The semiconductor chip itself is something of modern miracle. The current generation of CPU chips is packing in excess of two billion transistors onto a die about 1-inch square.

Medical Scientific

Chemical Etching For Medical Devices

Instruments Controls

Etched Components for Medical, Scientific and Industrial Devices

Sensors & Mems

Photo etching is an effective solution for producing precision parts that are used in sensing, detecting and measuring applications. These types of components interact mechanically with “the outside world” and electrically with the system or device to which they “report”.

Power Generation & Storage

Renewable energy and distributed generation are changing the playing field for electrical power. Solar, wind and hydro power are becoming cost effective compared to commercial generators. Fuel cells and microturbines put power generation where and when it is needed. And, just ask Elon Musk, batteries are about to change the energy storage game again.



Chemical Etching Produces Burr-free Holes of Any Shape