Precision Photochemical Manufacturing Since 1965

Applications for Nickel Electroforming

Popular Uses for Electroformed Nickel

As an additive manufacturing process, electroforming enables the creation of precision components molecule by molecule. Although a little known process, a wide range of products rely on electroforming. Among them:

  • Pre-recorded CD and DVD manufacturing
  • Holographic films used on drivers’ licenses, credit cards and other security products
  • Bank notes (money)
  • The new “chipped” credit cards have an electroform embedded in the surface
  • High-end product and brand identification (think Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac)
  • Textured molded surfaces
  • Some jewelry, especially hollow gold or silver shapes

Miniature Structures and Devices Rely on Electroforming

The inexorable march of miniaturization is driving the evolution of many new applications for electroforming. Among them:

  • Microfluidics, especially in biomedical testing
  • MEMS (microelectronic mechanical systems) where a combination of silicon chip and metal are combined to create an astounding variety of microscopic machines
  • Sensors
  • Particle sieves, apertures, nozzles, screens, nebulizers with openings measuring just a few microns in diameter
  • 2- and 3D microstructures
  • Meshes, encoders, masks and filters
  • Corner cubes, retroreflectors and shields