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Photo Etching Scale Models

Etched Metal Scale Models

Model building is an eclectic and durable pastime that attracts people from around the world. Photo etched metal model kits are preferred by many builders for the extraordinary level of detail that can be achieved.

One of the leading kit designers, Chris Miller, has worked with Conard for many years. In addition to crafting the exquisitely detailed models, Chris is a lighting engineer and has added new dimensions of verisimilitude to the models with dramatic lighting effects.

Pictured above, the "Starlite Diner", an O-scale stainless steel model of the classic Art Deco style diner features an animated electro-luminescent marquee. All of the structure is photo etched stainless steel. For more examples of Chris’s work, please visit Microstructures.

Photo etched model kits are usually produced in brass or stainless steel. Copper and aluminum are used occasionally as well.


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