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Photo Etched Giftware, Jewelry and Commemoratives

Etched Metal Giftware

Photo etching has long had a role in the design and production of a wide variety of decorative products. From picture frames and custom holiday ornaments to museum-quality bookmarks and jewelry, photo etching enables intricate designs to be created in brass, copper, aluminum or steel. Finishing options include lustrous plating in nickel, flash gold or imitation rhodium. Color can be added by hand enameling, glass fusing, or full color digital inkjet.

Photo etching is also an ideal medium for creating distinctive giftware for brands, organizations, events and commemorations. The ability to render exceptional detail in a durable and substantive metal form makes photo etched giftware stand out from the usual catalog of promotional goods.

Conard is also etching sterling silver on a daily basis. 

Custom decorative etched products are typically shipped tabbed in the sheet.

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