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Photo Etched Bookmarks Celebrate American Manufacturing

2013 Bookmark Salutes the Global Scope of Wireless Communications 

Marconi invented the wireless telegraph in 1896.  He could not possibly have imagined how his invention would change the world. Instantaneous communication of voice, video and data, from anywhere to anywhere, at any time.  And, we're not just communicating with people; we're also communicating with things!  And, we expect to be in communication with so many more things, that they had to make the Internet Protocol address plan bigger, much bigger.  IPv6 can address 340 undecillion devices; that's 3.4 x 10 to the 38th power!



2012 Bookmark Honors over 100 Years of Submarine Manufacturing in Connecticut

photo etched submarine bookmark

The USS Holland was delivered to the US Navy in 1900.  Since then, a leading Connecticut manufacturer has delivered more than 200 submarines.  Our 2012 bookmark pays homage to the USS Connecticut, launched in Groton in 2007.


2011 Bookmark  Celebrates 50 Years of Manned Space Explorationphoto etched space ex bookmark

America's achievements in space exploration have driven the development of a 
wealth of new technologies across many industries.  From Tang to memory foam to heart pumps, the materials and equipment needed to keep humans alive in space have driven incredible innovation. The astronaut's "space suit" was developed and produced by a leading Connecticut manufacturer.


2010 Bookmark Features the Space Shuttle
After 30 years and more than 130 missions, the NASA Space Shuttle fleet will be retired in 2011. For more than fifty years the American Space Program has been a vital force for driving innovation and technology.

The Space Shuttle, the first reusable orbital vphoto etched, plated and digitally colored space shuttle bookmarkehicle, will remain an icon of American achievement for decades to come.

The quest for space requires solutions for new problems and the creation of new technologies. Among the "trickle-down" technologies derived from the Space Program are scratch-resistant lenses, freeze-dried food, athletic shoes, and cool suits. CAT and MRI imaging technologies were developed to map potential landing sites on the moon and Mars. Technologies developed for exploring the surfaces of the moon and Mars have found applications from the Roomba vacuum cleaner to bomb-detecting robots used by military and law enforcement.


photo etched brass plated and digitally colored Colt Bulding bookmark2009 Bookmark Recognizes Contributions of Samuel Colt

We went back in manufacturing history to remember Samuel Colt.

Although widely recognized for the creation of the "Colt 45" revolver, "the gun that won the west," Samuel Colt’s more enduring achievement was introducing the process of machine-made interchangeable parts to manufacturing. He also initiated progressive work place practices including a 10-hour work day and mandatory rest and meal periods. The Colt Armory, a 200 acre complex, was constructed in Hartford CT in 1847. Now on the National Historic Register, and in consideration for National Park status, the Armory is topped by a distinctive onion dome in electric blue with a field of gold stars. The 2010 bookmark features the iconic dome and its famous sculpture of the "Rampant Colt," possibly the first corporate logo in America.


2008 Bookmark launches Celebration of American Manufacturing

nickel plated and digitally colored etched brass Chrysler Building bookmarkConard introduced the first in a series of photo etched bookmarks to illustrate motifs of American Manufacturing. The Chrysler Building with Fireworks” features the iconic Art Deco structure with a spray of celebratory fireworks. It evokes the era of American automotive manufacturing supremacy.

Conard continues to explore themes in American Manufacturing. Watch for the new editions each year.

The bookmarks are photo etched in solid brass, electroplated in nickel and gold and digitally painted.

To receive your free bookmark, email with Bookmarkin the subject line and include your name and mailing address.


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