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Friday, May 29, 2015

December 2014: New Decorative Etching Prices Announced for 2015

The 2015 Decorative Price List will take effect on Janury 1, 2015.  It will be available on the website on 12/30/14.  Advance copies are available immediately.  Contact

October 2014: Photo Etching Process Featured in Design to Part (D2P) Magazine

D2P interviewed Conard's Art Long and Kathy Stillman for its feature article: A Machining Process that's Hard to "Resist". The article appears both in print and on line.  The article discusses the photochemical etching process as well as Conard's new electroforming capability.


October 2014: Conard Presents Photo Etching Technical Resources

Conard has consolidated a variety of technical offerings in one convenient location on our website.  The Technical Resources page features both introductory and in-depth information about the Photochemical Machining Process.  The information is free and is available for immediate download.

September 2014:  Upcoming Events at Conard

Conard will be exhibiting at the Design2Part Show in Marlborough MA on October 1st and 2nd.  And, we will be holding an Open House on Friday October 3rd to participate in national MFG Day 2014 activities.  Tours of our photo etching facility will be conducted.

August 2014:  Conard launches Nickel Electroforming

Conard's long-awaited electroforming facility is in operation. We are looking forward to helping customers with even more demanding applications that require intense detail.

August 2014: Conard welcomes David Lippucci to the Sales Team

David Lippucci, a former Glastonbury resident, has joined Conard to develop our sales efforts in the southeast.  Dave has extensive sales background with engineered solutions for industrial OEMs.  Contact Dave at  919-215-8331 or

June 2014: Conard Appoints Richard Coughlin Associates in New England

Conard is pleased to announce that Richard (Rick) Coughlin Associates will be representing us in New England.  RCA has more than 25 years' experience working with industrial principals and customers in the region.  Reach Rick at 860-465-6316.

March 2014:  Conard will be Exhibiting at MFG4 in Hartford in May

The MFG4 show, produced by SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) is returning to the Hartford Convention Center on May 6-8, 2014.  More than 200 providers of products and services to advanced manufacturing companies will be participating.  The inaugural show in May 2012 drew nearly 4,000 visitors.  Conard will be located in Booth 1657.  For a complimentary registration code, contact

June 2013: Conard is Etching Silver

Conard has installed a dedicated production system for photo etching silver on a daily basis. This capability will allow us to service jewelry and giftware designers within a few business days.

May 2013:  In Memoriam

May 8, 2013-- We are saddened to announce the passing of our long-time friend and colleague, Anthony (Tony) Murtha. Tony worked for Conard for more than 24 years. Well liked and respected by customers, suppliers and co-workers, Tony was a mainstay of our company and will be sorely missed.  We offer our sympathy and prayers to his family and friends.

February 2013:  Conard launches new web site and video

Visit to experience our new web site and connect to our 2-minute video about the photo etching process.

October 2012: Conard welcomes Mark J Waite
Mark Waite has joined Conard as Senior Sales Engineer covering accounts in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.  Mark brings many years of experience and knowledge of high tech applications to our sales effort.

August 2011: Conard is growing again
We are days away from breaking ground to expand our plant by 25%. The additional space will allow us to expand etching capacity to 5 multi-chamber etch lines. We will also enhance our speciality and secondary services. The construction is estimated to take about 3 months. All of us are looking forward to more elbow room!

June 2011: Quick Estimate feature added to website
A Quick Estimate request is active- on every page- at We have implemented a quick-response estimate process in order to answer that question for our visitors. For flat etched parts in common alloys and gauges up to .025" of steel, copper, aluminum, nickel and bronze, we are set up to provide estimatesby email in as little as minutes.

Provide us with the basics about the part: length, width, thickness, alloy and quantity, and we will email you an estimate.

For more complex parts, please email your drawing to

March 2011: Conard considers new technology. Help us decide
Conard is considering whether to invest in technology for etching more exotic alloys including nitinol, titantium, tungsten, MP35N, tantalum, Elgiloy/Havar, Inconel 625 and other "superalloys."

If you have applications to fabricate parts in thin gauges (.001" to .020") of these types of alloys, we would appreciate your inputs. Please complete the Quick Contact form to the right and let us know what would be of interest to you. Or call or email Kathy Stillman.

Thank you for your help. We will keep you posted on our progress.

March 2011: New sales policy effective on april 1st 2011
While we make every effort to provide the service, quality and value our customers expect and deserve, we must also take consistent and effective steps to contain costs. Effective April 1st, orders valued at $2000 or less must be shipped complete. For orders eligible for split deliveries, the minimum invoice per shipment must be at least $500.

Thank you for your understanding.

March 2011: Conard joins Twitter
To open another channel of communication, Conard launched a Twitter feed in early March. The feed appears on the Products page. We are looking at this as an opportunity to share ideas, events and information that attract our attention. We look forward to hearing from you.

December 2010: Third annual bookmark features the Space Shuttle
To commemorate 30 years of service and more than 130 missions, Conard selected the Space Shuttle to represent achievement in American Manufacturing and Technology for 2010. The Space Program has been an important and enduring driver of innovation and technology development for more than 50 years. The Space Shuttle is the first reusable orbital vehicle and will remain an icon of America's achievements in space.

Coming in October 2010: Conard to exhibit at Baja Mak Expo
Conard will participate in the fifth Baja Mak trade show in Tijuana (BC) Mexico on October13th and14th, 2010. In coordination with the US Department of Commerce, American manufacturers will have the opportunity to showcase their capabilities to representatives of more than 500 major manufacturing facilities in Baja California. More than 3000 attendees are expected.

September 2010: Conard attains ITAR registration
Conard has received official notice of ITAR registration. A copy of the registration certificate is available upon request. Please contact Kathy Stillman

August 2010: Conard files for ITAR registration
Conard has submitted the application and fees to the US State Department seeking ITAR registration. Registration will be announced upon approval.

August 2010: Newsletter compares several metal fabricating methods
Photo etching fits in a spectrum of metal fabricating methods that includes stamping, CNC punching, laser cutting and wire EDM. The newsletter offers comparisons of key aspects of each method. For more information or to subscribe, please contact us.

December 2009: Conard Introduces "Live Help" on our web site
Conard has implemented on line live help technology. Every page on the web site has a Live Help request button. One of our specialists is available Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5 PM eastern time. Have a question? Just ask....

November 2009: Celebrating American Manufacturing
Conard introduces the second commemorative bookmark featuring the beautiful gold-starred onion dome, crowned by the golden Rampant Colt sculpture, of the Colt Armory in Hartford, CT. Samuel Colt is widely renowned as the "Father of Modern Manufacturing" for introducing the practice of machine-made interchangeable parts. To claim your free bookmark, email Kathy Stillman. Put "Bookmark" in the subject line and including your name and mailing address.

July 2009: Free commemorative bookmark to celebrate American Manufacturing
Conard has produced a beautiful, full color, photo-etched bookmark featuring the iconic Chrysler Building amid a shower of fireworks to emphasis the importance of American Manufacturing. We will send the bookmark at no charge. Simply provide your name and mailing address. Contact Kathy Stillman .

July 2009: Newsletter discusses Conard's Expertise in Etching Aluminum
Aluminum, a light and volatile metal, is challenging to etch. Conard was founded on Richard Huttinger's breakthrough in developing etching techniques specifically for aluminum. For more information or to subscribe, contact Kathy Stillman

February 2009: Advantages of etching in difficult economic times

Our newsletter discusses the ways in which etching is a fast and cost effective alternative to other fabricating processes. Etching offers another solution for manufacturers to keep moving forward in a challenging environment. For more information or to subscribe, contact Kathy Stillman.

April 2008:  Newsletter discusses ways to save on plating costs
Conard's April newsletter offers suggestions to reduce the impact of accelerating gold prices on plating costs.  For more information or to subscribe, contact Kathy Stillman.

January 2008: Conard introduces the Conard-abbott Beam
The Conard-Abbott Beam offers a fast, convenient and economical process for testing solution stress in tin plating baths.  Global RoHS (Regulation of Hazardous Substances) compliance requires the elimination of many toxic metals, including lead, from production materials and processes.

Tin-lead plating has been used in electronics applications for decades.  Without lead, tin plating may develop "whiskers," which can cause product failure.

Extensive research on the topic suggests that the probability of whisker development increases substantially if the tin plating solution is "stressed" by depletion.

The Conard-Abbott Beam test quickly reveals the existence and degree of stress in tin plating baths.

For more information, contact

July 2007: Moly-Copper alloys
Moly-copper alloys containing up to 85% molybdenum have rapidly growing applications in electronics packaging.  These alloys offer highly efficient heat dissipation capabilities with thermal coefficents of expansion that are very closely matched to the ceramics used in semiconductors.  Moly-copper alloys are readily etched.

Please contact us for more information about these versatile alloys.

June 2007:  Conard enhances capabilities
Conard continues to upgrade capabilities to meet our customers' needs.

With the addition of a large format imaging system, Conard can produce parts up to 24" x 60".  The additional length enabled by the new equipment expands the range of parts that can be economically produced by photochemical machining.

Please contact us to discuss your large part requirements.

Reps Wanted!

Conard is actively seeking Independent Manufacturers' Representation for territories in the Western and Southeastern states.  Ideally, you will have experience with selling photo etching services as part of your fabricated metals porfolio to OEM's in a variety of industries.

Please contact Kathy Stillman at 800-443-5218 or for more information.

July 2006:  Conard passes AS9100/Iso9001 Recertification
Conard's Quality Management System was successfully recertified as compliant with AS9100 Revision B and ISO9001:2000 requirements.  The certification review noted that Conard substantially achieved its continuous improvement goals over the past year.

June 2006: New collateral available
New Brochure:  Conard has created a new brochure that features information about our services and capabilities.  If you would like to receive a copy for your files, please contact us at 800-443-5218 or by email at

May 2006 Precious Metals Pricing Alert Effective 5/26/06:

Due to the volatility of the precious metals markets, we are no longer able to quote firm pricing on gold, silver, platinum, palladium or rhodium platings or coatings.  Quoted prices are subject to surcharges based on the market prices of Engelhard Fabricated Metals on the day the work is done.

Our price quotes will include a surcharge factor that will be multiplied by the market price as reported daily for Engelhard Fabricated Metals   (Click this link for prices.)

We appreciate your understanding of factors which are beyond our control.  Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.  800-443-5218

Conard adds new content to its website.  A new pdf, "About PhotoChemical Machining," is available both on the Home Page (lower left) and on the Links and Downloads page .  This introductory piece provides an overview of the applications and design considerations for engineers and designers who may be considering PCM.  The document is also available in PowerPoint format.  Contact for a free copy.

We are including new photos of some of our more interesting applications.  Please visit our Decorative and Electronics pages to see new examples.

Conard is now able to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express through PayPal.  Please see the Contact Us page for more information.

December 2005: Conard Launches New Website
Conard has revamped its website in order to provide more information about Photo etching and to improve usability. Among the new features are an FTP uploader that enables users to submit files directly without the extra step and vulnerability of email attachments, links to useful sites, and downloadable information about designing for PCM. We are also expanding our applications library which will be an ongoing feature of the site.

October 2005: Bigger and Better
Conard installed a double-drawer Olec Exposure system that processes images up to 36” x 44” pattern area. This custom, oversized exposure unit allows Conard to run larger panel sizes to meet customers’ needs and achieve superior pattern uniformity throughout the pattern area. Let Conard quote your oversized parts.

August 2005: New Face in the Crowd
On August 1st, Kathy Stillman joined Conard as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Kathy brings over 25 years of industrial sales and marketing experience to the company. Her background includes 19 years with Gerber Scientific in a variety of roles in manufacturing, marketing and sales. She has also conducted market development projects for a number of industrial clients. Kathy holds an MS in Management from Rensselaer.

July 2005: Conard Achieves AS9100/ISO9001 Registration
After six months of demanding preparations, Conard was officially awarded registration to the AS9100/ISO9001 quality management system. Conard elected to take on the additional responsibility for the AS9100 (aerospace) standard in order to satisfy the requirements of existing and new customers. A copy of our registration certificate can be downloaded here.


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